The Queen Is Hiring a Live-In Housekeeper for Windsor Castle

Brand X Pictures/iStock via Getty Images
Brand X Pictures/iStock via Getty Images / Brand X Pictures/iStock via Getty Images

Fond of England but not interested in taking the usual tours? Prefer to mingle under the same roof as the royal family without need for a map? A job opportunity as a housekeeper at Windsor Castle may be for you. According to The Sun, the position includes a competitive (but undisclosed) salary, 33 days of vacation, and accommodations on the grounds.

The job posting first appeared on the official Royal Household website and indicates prospective hires can expect to work 40 hours total and five days a week. The job involves cleaning a “wide range of interiors and items, ensuring they’re presented to their very best.”

Surprisingly, prior experience is not necessary. The Royal Household appears willing to train the most promising potential employee who envisions a future in the hospitality industry. They’ll need to be willing to travel to other Royal residences. A pension is included, but if the housekeeper chooses to live on the grounds, a “salary adjustment” will apply.

Will the recruit catch sight of the Queen? Maybe. She spends most of the year there. Prince Harry and his family reside on the grounds, too, at Frogmore Cottage.

Applications for the position will be accepted through January 19.

[h/t The Sun]