Introducing Three New Ben & Jerry's "Core Flavors"


If you enjoyed Ben & Jerry's trio of new flavors featuring a sweet "core" made of things like fudge or jam that they released last year, you'll love this latest news out of the Vermont creamery. Starting today, you can pick up a pint of Cookie Cores, three flavors that feature a column of cookie butter—an amazing, spreadable, spoonable concoction made of pulverized cookies—down the middle of the carton and two perfectly-paired flavors on either side. Let's meet your new favorite indulgence.

1. Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core

The ice creams here are dark caramel and vanilla, which are speckled with speculoos cookies, a cinnamony-spiced shortbread associated with the holidays (or Delta Airlines). The core is made of speculoos cookie butter, which is often called Biscoff spread and has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity thanks to Trader Joe's.

2. Peanut Buttah Cookie Core

Unlike all the Cores in the Ben & Jerry's arsenal, this one has just one ice cream flavor. Because when you want something to be as peanut buttah-y as possible, why mess around with any flavor other than the good stuff itself? The peanut butter ice cream is filled with crunchy peanut butter sugar bits and peanut butter cookies and the Core is (you guessed it) made of more peanut butter cookies.

3. Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core

Having not yet tasted these, I already love this one the most (heated disagreements are welcome in the comments). Let's break it down: Mocha ice cream, caramel ice cream, chocolate cookie chunks, fudge flakes and a chocolate cookie Core. That sounds like a party to me!

The new Cookie Cores will be sold for $4.89 a pint, and will start hitting retailers and scoop shops nationwide today.

All photos courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.