Draining Pasta Is Far More Convenient With This Clip-On Colander

Kitchen Gizmo / Amazon
Kitchen Gizmo / Amazon / Kitchen Gizmo / Amazon
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Not much beats a bowl of pasta topped with sauce and cheese for a meal. However, when getting the pasta ready, there’s always the awkward step of pouring the noodles into a colander only to pour them back into the pot again. All the while, you're trying to avoid the steam or accidently grazing your hands and wrists against hot kitchenware. But now you can skip that extra step with the Snap N Strain available for $18 on Amazon.

Made of heat-resistant, flexible silicone, the Snap N Strain can adjust to fit on just about any pot or pan in your kitchen. It has two clips on either side to allow for easy attachment. Once it’s on, simply tilt the pot or pan over the sink and the liquid will drain.

But the strainer isn’t solely for dishes like pasta. It’s also strong enough to stay in place to give heavier items like potatoes and other vegetables a good rinse. Once you’re done, simply put the Snap N Strain in the dishwasher for an easy clean. And this strainer is a fraction of the size of a colander, so it won’t take up much room in your pantry.

The clip-on colander isn’t the only way to make mealtime a bit easier. Learn how to make your greens last long, avocados ripen faster, and other kitchen hacks.

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