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Hannah Keyser
Chloe Effron
Chloe Effron / Chloe Effron

We really enjoyed reading all your submissions from the last contest! In fact, we had such a hard time picking a winner, we're awarding two prizes. The Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers will go to Scott Sloan and, because it was never collected, the Mustache Mug from our original contest is going to runner-up Alaina. Contact to collect your prize!

My little zebra has gotten such an ego after last week's limericks contest that we're moving away from office-dwellers this time in order to tackle sweeter territory. Literally. You may have heard the news that Ben & Jerry's released three new "Core" flavors today, specifically Cookie Cores. And while Spectacular Speculoos, Peanut Buttah, and Boom Chocolatta! all sound incredible, there's undoubtedly still untapped potential in the realm of making delicious things more delicious by mixing them together. This is where you come in. Tell us what sort of "Core" (it doesn't have to be cookie) flavor you would invent. If it's our favorite—either because it sounds impossibly tasty or just really remarkable—you'll win these Russian Nesting Dolls. Oh, and a little tip: A punny name can't hurt. Check back next Tuesday to see if your concoction won!