This Guy Uses a Power Glove For Work

Vimeo / Ava Benjamin
Vimeo / Ava Benjamin / Vimeo / Ava Benjamin

Dillon Markey makes stop-motion animation for Robot Chicken and PES. The animation process calls for him to move the characters (and/or the camera) on a miniature stage, and then compare the current frame with the previous frame on a monitor—or even run through a set of recent frames. It's a lot of precise, repetitive work.

So, like a boss, Markey modified a Power Glove (yes, the now-vintage Nintendo accessory) to operate his animation software via Bluetooth. He also added a (NSFW) verbal cue that fires whenever the glove detects a fist-bump. At 3:40 in this video, he gives a full demo of what the buttons do; my favorite feature is actually the fully analog set of retractable tweezers he added to the side.

In this short documentary by Ava Benjamin, you'll see why Dillon Markey is truly playing with power:

Playing with Power from Ava Benjamin on Vimeo.

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