15 Products that Will Keep You Toasty Warm this Winter

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It’s cold outside. Really cold. Thankfully, there are plenty of products that will help you keep the chills at bay; here are a few of our favorites.

1. Snowpeak Mixed Knit Pants, $150

A sweater for your legs! This is not a drill!

2. Mountain Hardwear Grub Glove, $60

These gloves work with your smartphone, and when you need a little extra warmth, they morph into mittens.

3. Dwarven Beard Hat, $45

This hat-and-face-mask-in-one is particularly helpful for those of us who love dwarves but can’t grow their warm, insulating whiskers.

4. Smoko Toast USB Handwarmers, $40

Here at mental_floss, we often bemoan our office’s microclimates, which alternate between fires-of-hell hot and polar-bears-would-be-happy cold. Which is all to say that these adorable USB handwarmers—which can easily be put on when it's freezing and ripped off when it's a sauna in here—are pretty high on our wishlist...

5. HoMedics Thera-P Massage Comfort Cushion with Heat, $35

...As is this device, which both massages and heats! It can fit on your desk chair or the driver’s seat of your car.

6. Glerups DK Ankle Bootee, $105

These slippers, made with natural wool and vegetable-tanned calfskin, are both warm and super comfy thanks to their foot-shaped design. And they’re cute, too!

7. GoRumpl Throw Blanket, $95

These blankets are designed to be as durable as sleeping bags and as warm and comfortable as any blanket you’d buy for your home. They’re made from nylon, sewn in patterns found in nature, and pack down to a small size so they’re easy to store or take on trips.

8. Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee, Tea and Water Bottle, $26

Making yourself a cup of tea only to have it go cold while you drink it is the worst. Use this bottle instead of a mug—it’ll keep your tea hot for 12 hours (and in the summer, your water will stay cold for 24!).

9. Guittard Chocolate Company Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate, $8

And may we suggest getting some of this delicious hot chocolate to put in that bottle?

10. ThermaCell Heated Insoles Foot Warmer, $129

These remote-controlled insoles fit into your shoes for toasty feet at the touch of a button.

11. SmartWool Socks (Men’s, Women’s), $22

Pair those heated insoles with these socks, which are made with naturally breathable, odor-resistant Merino wool. (Nobody likes stinky feet!)

12. Brookstone Insulated Heated Jacket with Rechargeable Battery (Women’s, Men's), $188

This quilted jacket has three heating zones (two on the chest, one on the back) that warm in 10 minutes and can keep you warm for 10 hours.

13. Pajama Warming Pouch, $40

If there’s nothing you dread more than taking off your warm clothes to don cold PJs—and you don’t have a dryer—consider purchasing this device, which can also heat towels, hats, gloves, and anything else that will fit into the 19- by 15.5-inch pouch in just 10 minutes.

14. Adult Polar Onesie, $34

Relive your childhood with this hooded adult onesie, which comes with feet or without.

15. The Best Heated Mattress Pad, $100 - $200

Back in the old days, people had to put bricks near the fire and then stick them in their beds to get warm. Now, you can stay toasty all night long with a heated mattress pad.