You Can Now Buy the Teapot Jim Gave Pam in The Office

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For what seemed like forever, fans waited for Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly to finally get together on The Office. And while Jim endeared himself to Pam in the form of pranks on Dwight, arguably his most adorable gesture was gifting Dunder Mifflin’s receptionist with a teapot full of their inside jokes as a Secret Santa present. And now you can buy that tea set, complete with jokes and all, at Hot Topic for $27.

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The set comes with two microwave-safe ceramic mugs that are decorated with the cassette tape and hot sauce packet Jim hid inside the teapot during the "Christmas Party" episode from the second season. But, like in every episode, something went awry due to a certain person (we’re looking at you, Michael) and Secret Santa quickly turned into Yankee Swap. Pam ended up with a video iPod and Dwight wound up with the teapot—which Jim learned, much to his dismay, that Dwight intended to use as a neti pot.

However, Pam had a change of heart and traded gifts with Dwight. When she finally saw all the heartfelt gifts inside the pot, she told the camera crew, “I think I made the right choice.” And that adorable quote is painted on the ceramic pot. Unfortunately, the card Jim wrote but never gave to Pam is not included in the set. So, Office fans may never know what it said.

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