Taika Waititi Confirms That Baby Yoda Has a Real Name, But He's Not Sharing

Disney / Disney

It would be an understatement to say that the world has fallen in love with "The Child," the adorable tiny green creature from The Mandalorian who is better known as Baby Yoda. But according to filmmaker Taika Waititi, who directed the series's season one finale, we will have to let go of our pet name for The Child soon enough, as his real name will be revealed.

The JoJo Rabbit filmmaker stopped to speak with The New York Times's Kyle Buchanan on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. During their brief chat, Waititi confirmed that not only does Baby Yoda have a real name—but that he knows what it is. As you can probably imagine, however, he wasn't sharing any hints. "I’ll wait for [showrunner Jon] Favreau to give that away," Waititi said.

While we don’t know his real name yet, we have learned quite a bit about the miniature creature over the course of the first season. The Child, or “The Asset” as he is sometimes called, is at least 50 years old, and is being hunted by what’s left of the Empire. He is now on the run with the Mandalorian, who was revealed to be named Din Djarin.

According to a recent tweet from Favreau, fans of the Disney+ series will unfortunately have to wait until fall of this year for the second season.