This Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Shows Off Your Love of Disney With a Side of Syrup

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There aren’t many better ways to start the day than with a plate of freshly cooked waffles for breakfast—unless, of course, those waffles are in the shape of Mickey Mouse. And now with the Mickey Mouse mini waffle maker from Hot Topic ($75), you can make breakfast a buttery tribute to your love of all things Disney.

You can cook six waffles at once in the shape of Mickey’s face with this appliance, so you’ll be able to feed even the hungriest of breakfast guests quickly. The handle allows for an easy flip, while the front dials allow you to adjust between "light” and “dark” to suit everyone’s taste. The set comes with a batter pourer that allows for more precise distribution onto the griddle, and the nonstick surface means cleanup won’t be a hassle, either. This is the closest you'll get to having those famous Mickey-shaped waffles they serve at Disney theme parks without having to leave the house.

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