How Airbus Makes Airplanes

Chris Higgins
YouTube / MinutePhysics
YouTube / MinutePhysics / YouTube / MinutePhysics

In this five-minute video, Henry Reich of MinutePhysics visits France to see how the Airbus A350 is made. While it's no surprise that designing and building an airplane is incredibly complex, there are plenty of surprising facts in this video—like the fact that when the factory is humming, it can turn out an entire plane in two working days. Uh. Wow. Also, keep an eye out for how the wings are made, and the moment when they stress-test them, stretching them way up without breaking (around 3:30). Not too shabby.

If you've ever grumbled about the price of a plane ticket, this should help explain what you're paying for. It won't make you any happier about the seats or the snacks, though. Enjoy:

(Via The Kid Should See This.)