This Video Is Not In Reverse, But it Looks Like It Is

Hannah Keyser
Eran Amir, Youtube
Eran Amir, Youtube / Eran Amir, Youtube

It's not just that the vase snaps up off the table or that the clock ticks in reverse that makes this short video from filmmaker Eran Amir seem like it's playing backwards. There's something in the jerky movements, the way he brings the glass up to his face a little too quickly, that is totally reminiscent of watching something rewind. Which is exactly the trick Amir is going for in "This Video Is Not In Reverse." The video, which was filmed in a single take, is playing in perfect normal progression and the various effects are created primarily through the help of some hands off screen and a few thin strings.

Check out the completed project here:

The behind the scenes here:

And, to get a sense of how well done this, here is the video actually playing in reverse, so it looks like normal: