10 Things You Won't Be Able To Do Anymore If SkyMall Goes Away

Flickr User marchorowitz
Flickr User marchorowitz / Flickr User marchorowitz

SkyMall, in-flight purveyors of the weird and useless, is in danger of disappearing from your seat-back pocket completely. Today, the magazine's parent firm Xhibit Corp. filed for federal bankruptcy court protection. According to Xhibit CFO Scott Wiley, "With the increased use of electronic devices on planes, fewer people browsed the SkyMall in-flight catalog."

Unless someone comes in to buy and rescue SkyMall, the catalog is in danger of going away forever. For a terrifying glimpse of what a world without SkyMall might look like, feast your eyes on the following things you will never get to do again.

1. Order Pizza While Scuba Diving

Flickr user marchorowitz

This is the human race spiking the football after completely dominating the ocean for the past few centuries.


2. Get Messed Up On Some Sweet, Sweet Oxygen

Flickr user gone-walkabout

Say "goodbye" to stress and "hello" to the warm embrace of intranasal highs.


3. Have Your Dog Go To Town In Your Living Room

Flickr User Beth77

You can use it too. Just sayin'.


4. Whatever This Is. Say Goodbye To This

Flickr user yelpar

Where will the nation turn if we no longer have plastic purple shoulder pleasure saxophones?


5. Tan Your Feet And Nothing Else

Flickr User amyashcraft

Use it year-round! (CAUTION: DO NOT USE YEAR-ROUND)


6. Chill Out and Completely Disappear

Flickr user abeckstrom

Where's Brent? Where did Brent go? Hey, Brent's floating head, have you seen Brent?


7. Reenact Gulliver's Travels While Watching a Youth Soccer Game

Flickr User yelpar

For Cool Dads only.


8. Harness The Power Of Your Mind And Then Waste It

Flickr user leighadactyl

It's like Mousetrap, but if you drop it in water while using it you may leave your mortal husk and get transported to another dimension.


9. Oh Dear, Don't Do This

Flickr User ealaspada

At least make sure someone is keeping an eye on you, sir.


10. Make Your Feet Happy

Flickr User ealaspada

These would feel great on a long flight. Gee, I wonder where I can buy them?