Your Lawn Mower Can't Do This

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Tractorspotter
YouTube / Tractorspotter / YouTube / Tractorspotter

Mowing ditches is a real pain. I have tried (and failed) to do this several times. The issues are basically: The walls of the ditch are sloped; there might be water in the bottom; and you probably can't see the water because the ditch is full of vigorous growth. Oh yeah, and watch out for critters.

Enter the Claas Xerion 3300 VC Octopus, a multi-armed (though oddly not eight-armed...) ditch mower. This thing will give anyone a serious case of Lawnmower Envy—its arms make quick work of ditch mowing, and it looks way cool doing it. There is no narration or music; this is just a big mower mowing a crazy ditch. BEHOLD:

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(Via Laughing Squid.)