Win a Notebook From Our Store

Hannah Keyser
Mental_Floss / Mental_Floss

An apology right off the bat that this post is coming in rather late from our promised deadline. We'll be sure to go back into the comment section to ensure our winner knows the contest has been closed.

Last week we asked you to come up with a "Core" flavor to fit into Ben & Jerry's new line and you did not disappoint! We loved all the suggestions, but for sheer punnery and taste-bud appeal, the winner is Paul with "Coreos." Congrats, Paul! Contact to collect your prize.

This week we're giving away a slightly snarky notebook from the Mental_Floss store. And for the contest, we're taking inspiration from the blizzard. Well, sort of. The snow has most of us Flossers holed up at home where we might soon run out of Internet (okay, probably not but we might lose power), leaving us at the mercy of non digital entertainment. For our sakes, and your fellow commenters, we want to know: What are the best books for binge-reading in a single day? We'll take into account feasibility and enjoyability in picking a winner! Make your case in the comments.