These Are the Potato Chip Flavors Americans Want to Eat

Erin McCarthy

For the third year running, Frito-Lay is putting its "Do Us A Flavor" competition, when it asks Americans to come up with interesting potential potato chip flavors. And this year, the company has partnered with Google to create the "Flavorcast Heat Map." Participants are asked to enter their location along with their flavor of choice, and the top trending flavors in each state are displayed on the map (clicking on each state will show you the top five trending flavors).

The winner will receive $1 million, so it's not surprising that people are thinking way, way beyond normal potato chip flavors. Currently, marmite—a yeast spread popular in Britain—is trending throughout much of the U.S., but other weird picks include soda, vodka, kangaroo, generic fish and more specific tuna casserole, brussel sprouts, alligator, milk, octopus, and frog. Yes, frog.

There's even a section of the site where you can create your own flavor of chips, choose whether they'll be in original, wavy, or kettle-cooked form, and then design the bag. Would you eat strawberry and champagne, chocolate cornbread, coffee cake, vanilla french fry, scrambled eggs and syrup, or hot dog and baked bean potato chips? You just might get the chance.

[h/t Refinery29]