Attention College Scribes Who'd Like to Write for Us

Jason English

Every so often we host something called College Weekend, where we turn over to our college-going readers for one glorious Saturday/Sunday. If you're in college or grad school and want to write for mental_floss, here's your opening. Pitch your best story ideas to by Monday, February 9th.

Here's how it works:

1. After poking around the site to see the kinds of stories we publish, you'll send us a headline and a few sentences explaining your idea(s). You will not write the whole thing and submit it before we decide it's something we like. 

2. If you're one of the lucky ones whose idea we accept, you'll write your story and collect $50. We'll edit and fact-check it and run it under your byline on the weekend of February 28th (update: let's do this March 7-8 instead).

3. You'll forward the link around campus and to your parents' friends. Maybe you'll come up with another great idea and we'll do it all again on a regular old weekend.

That's it! We'll be here waiting for those ideas to start pouring in.