Hurry and Buy Your Own Left Shark Costume

Rebecca OConnell
indiegogo / indiegogo

If you don't have any costume parties on the calendar, you may want to start planning one: Left Shark costumes are about to become a reality. An initiative on Indiegogo has already crushed its $5000 goal, and suits of the dancing shark that took the Super Bowl by storm will be sent out (hopefully) in May.

But you'll need to act fast! The sharks cost different amounts depending on how early you get to the party. Super early bird suits are $59, but are already sold out; the full retail price is $99.

If you don't have the cash to throw down for a pre-made suit, there are also PDFs available to make your own. Failing that, you can always just buy a really cool sticker for five bucks:

The whole beautiful thing was set up by David Lam, who is known for his heroic work in charity, and even setting up the Engineers Without Borders Water Project in Kenya. All the profits from this project will go to either the World Wildlife Fund or the Wildlife Conservation Society. If you needed an extra push to buy yourself a giant shark suit, think of the animals!

Lam promises that the suits will be made by the best manufacturer he can find. The only thing left to do is get your own suit and party: