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Zoe Butler
Zoe Butler / Zoe Butler

Strange Creature Found in Tuna Can

Zoe Butler of Arnold, Nottinghamshire, UK, opened a can of tuna and was confronted by a tiny creature staring at her.

She said: "I opened the top of the lid and saw a purply thing, a gut sack or intestine – then I turned it round and pushed it with a fork and saw it looking back at me. "It's got like a spiny tail along the bottom – it's quite grim.

She did not show the creature to her children, but contacted the Princes tuna company. The company investigated, and determined that the creature is a small, immature crab, the kind which are eaten by tuna. The crab poses no food safety risk, but the company will speak to Butler about compensation.

Angry Owl Terrorizing Oregon Joggers

Joggers and park visitors in Salem, Oregon, are warned to beware of the owl. The owl apparently likes hats, and has stolen at least two of them right off people’s heads. A total of four attacks have been reported in the past month. The perpetrator has been identified as a barred owl, an invasive species that has driven the native northern spotted owl out of the area. A sign has been posted near Bush's Pasture Park, asking joggers to avoid running before dawn or consider wearing a hard hat.

Cub Scouts' Hike Leads to Nude Beach

A San Diego pack of Cub Scouts were led along the Pacific coast on a hike on January 24. The 9- and 10-year-olds were following a trail in the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. They halted when they came upon a group of nude sunbathers at Black’s Beach, a designated clothing-optional stretch of beach. Parent panicked, and scout leaders diverted the scouts away from the beach. Parents and scout leaders discussed the situation, and decided that appropriate action had been taken, and no further investigation was necessary. The scouts were not asked their opinion.

57 Blocks of Stolen Cheese

A couple in Fort Oglethorpe, Tennessee, were arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. Police found $600 worth of merchandise in their car. Half of that value was in cheese- there were 57 blocks of it! Joshua and Erika Caldwell, both 21, are facing charges of theft and drug possession.

It's not clear why the couple decided to steal that much cheese or what they were planning on doing with all of it. But they did have their child with them, though, and police found pot in their car. "The officer noticed a lot of cheese in places throughout the vehicle and the diaper bag for the child as well," said Fort Oglethorpe Police Chief David Eubanks. Joshua Caldwell's car looked a lot like the Walmart dairy section when police found it last week. Fifty-seven blocks of stolen cheese were stuffed in the floorboards, in bags and throughout the vehicle.

Maybe they had the munchies. However, throughout history, cheese has proven to be one of the most stolen food items. They were also in possession of ten bottles of Tide laundry detergent, which is a common item to be stolen and resold. The Caldwells are currently out on bond.

Iceland to Build Temple to Norse Gods

Construction has begun on a hill near Reykjavik, Iceland, on a temple in which those so inclined can worship Thor, Odin, and Frigg -all gods of the ancient Vikings. It is the first such temple built there in over a thousand years. The modern version of Norse paganism is called Ásatrúarfélagið, an organization of around 2,400 Icelanders. High priest Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson says that members use the old Norse stories as “poetic metaphors and a manifestation of the forces of nature and human psychology.” When the temple is completed, it will be used for ceremonies for naming children, initiations, weddings, and funerals.

Former Janitor Leaves $6 Million in Bequests

Ronald Read worked at a gas station for 25 years, then as a janitor for another 20 years. Then he retired to his modest home in Dummerston, Vermont. He died last June at the age of 92. Read had always lived frugally, and no one, not even his family and close friends, knew he had money until after his death, when his will revealed a bequest of $4.8 million to the local hospital and $1.2 million to the local library. The gift will triple the endowment of the Brooks Memorial Library. Read was found to have amassed $8 million in property and stocks during his life.