These Teens Are Not Impressed by the Power Glove


Adults of a certain age will remember how excited they were when the Power Glove (which was originally designed for the space program) was released in 1989. Sadly, though the Mattel-produced Nintendo accessory had a lot of promise, it ultimately was a dud—it was very hard to use, which took the fun out of gameplay. And when these teenagers got to try the Power Glove out in the Fine Brothers' latest video they, too, gave it terrible reviews.

Several teens note that the device is like "the first Wii," and then they suit up to play a game specifically designed for the Power Glove called Bad Street Brawler. They're a little annoyed that they can't punch their opponents by actually punching, but instead have to move their fingers. "I'm pinching people, basically," one teen says as he dons the glove. It only gets worse when they have to play: Comments range from "My arm hurts!" and "I know why I've never heard of this—because it's so bad!" to "How do people play this?" and "It looks pretty sweet, but it doesn't do what you want it to do." The Power Glove falls far short of the technology available to kids today. 

Watch the teens using the Power Glove in the video above, and relive the frustration you experienced in your youth. I bet your arm feels tired just watching, doesn't it?