21 Photos Inside an Abandoned Mall Covered in Snow

Rebecca OConnell
seph lawless
seph lawless / seph lawless

Photographer Seph Lawless has an eye for decrepit and forgotten architecture. He has travelled around the U.S. to capture a plethora of abandoned hospitals, factories, churches, and other neglected buildings. After recently publishing a book filled with pictures of his abandoned childhood shopping mall, Lawless decided to make a second visit, this time after heavy snowfall.

The fluffy snow certainly gives the building a much more whimsical feel.

"The snow began to fall through the broken skylights and as I looked up snowflakes gently fell upon my face," Lawless explained. "I realized I was inside a gigantic make-believe snow globe."

"I prefer absurdity over reason, because it's more honest."

You can see the original pictures in Lawless' book, Black Friday: The Collapse of the Modern Mall.

Seph Lawless is a pseudonymous American-based photojournalist and political activist. His book, Black Friday: The Collapse of the American Mall can be purchased here. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.