New Food Emojis Are Coming in 2020—Plus a Toothbrush

Emojipedia / Emojipedia

The emoji keyboard on your phone makes it possible to talk about vampires, dinosaurs, and yoga without typing a word. But if you want to use emojis to invite a friend to grab bubble tea, you're out of luck. That's about to change—as The Takeout reports, several food-themed emojis have made it into Unicode's new additions for 2020, including boba, blueberries, and tamale.

Emoji 13.0 comprises 117 emojis that will be made available to iOS and Android users in the second half of the year. New pictographs have been added to the animal, smiley, and random object categories, but texters who primarily use emojis to describe their meals also have plenty to be excited about.

In addition to the emojis listed above, Unicode is adding green bell pepper, green olive, flatbread, and fondue to its library. The fondue emoji features a flame under a pot decorated to look like the flag of Switzerland, the cheesy delight's country of origin.

The list of foodstuff emojis ends there, but some other new entries could pass for food-adjacent. After texting a feast's worth of food symbols, you'll soon be able to punctuate your conversation with a toothbrush.

You can see Unicode's preview of all 117 emojis for 2020 in the video below.

[h/t The Takeout]