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TV News Explains CDs in 1985

Chris Higgins
YouTube / acmestreamingDOTcom
YouTube / acmestreamingDOTcom / YouTube / acmestreamingDOTcom

1985 marked the mainstream acceptance of CDs for music in the U.S.—that year, the Dire Straits album Brothers in Arms became the first CD to sell one million copies. In the TV news segment (apparently from 1985) below, we're introduced to a then-new technology and we meet some music fans who embrace it. We also hear about the tantalizing possibility of putting data on CDs. Roll back three decades and enjoy:

And yes, that's TV anchor Mort Crim at the very beginning. Will Ferrell has said that Crim was a primary source for his Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy.

Now, let the vinyl vs. CD wars commence in the comments!