McDonald’s Debuts Oreo Shamrock McFlurry for Shamrock Shake's 50th Anniversary

McDonald's / McDonald's

If you've been waiting for a Shamrock Shake all year, you're in luck. The seasonal milkshake returns to McDonald's on February 19, and this year, it's accompanied by the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry: a new item that blends two of the most beloved treats on the chain's menu, USA Today reports.

This year marks the shake's 50th anniversary, and it's the first time since 2017 that the Shamrock Shake will be sold at McDonald's locations nationwide. The announcement is made even more special by the debut of the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. Like the Shamrock Shake, the new item is pale green. Oreo pieces are blended into the ice cream, combining the crunch of a McFlurry with the mint flavor of the classic milkshake.

McDonald's debuted it clover-green, mint-flavored shake in honor of St. Patrick's Day in 1970. It's since gained a cult following. When it resurfaced last year, some fans used an app to track down where it was available.

Both drinks will be available from February 19 through St. Patrick's Day on March 17—but given the temperamental nature of McDonald's McFlurry machines, the Shamrock McFlurry may be harder to get your hands on.

[h/t USA Today]