Happy Little Squeeze: Cuddle Up With This Bob Ross Plush

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With his soothing voice and demeanor, the late Bob Ross became a public television icon on the level of Big Bird with The Joy of Painting. And in recent years, a plethora of Ross merchandise has hit shelves, proving that the painter is just as relevant as ever. And in addition to all the painting kits, coloring books, and socks in his likeness on the market, you can now tuck the hirsute painter into bed with a new Bob Ross plush doll.

Plush company Bleacher Creatures has just unveiled a 10-inch soft fabric doll of Ross, complete with oil palette and signature bushy mane. And unlike some plush figures, Ross is able to stand on his own two feet.


Ross joins a lineup of soft character likenesses from Bleacher Creatures, including NBA players, Marvel heroes, and sports mascots, including Gritty. You can find Ross on Amazon for $20.

[h/t The Pop Insider]

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