Celebrate the Year of the Sheep at South Korea's Sheep Cafe

Hannah Keyser
Youtube user, NTDTV
Youtube user, NTDTV / Youtube user, NTDTV

Cat cafes are old news, and dog cafes are so pedestrian. For something a little less domestic, head to Seoul, South Korea, where you can sip your coffee alongside some sheep.

Unlike the dog and cat cafes, these sheep aren't looking for a new home; they're full time residents of the Thanks To Nature Café, and have been for the past three years. But this year, the shop’s owner, Lee Kwang-ho, has reported a dramatic spike in visitors. People from all over Korea and beyond are heading to his cafe to celebrate the Year of the Sheep in 2015.

Lee Hyeon-ji, a 21-year-old who visited the café with her boyfriend, explained to the Independent how much she appreciated the opportunity to spend time with the Zodiac animal. "We were planning to go to a sheep ranch, but it's too far and we didn't have enough time to go there," she said. "Then we heard about this place where we can see sheep in Seoul and came to this sheep cafe."

Some of the following video is in Korean, but it provides a look inside the sheep cafe:

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