If You've Ever Dreamed of Sleeping in an IKEA, Now's Your Chance

IKEA: Now with overnight accommodations.
IKEA: Now with overnight accommodations. / Stephen Chernin, Getty Images

There have been reports over the years of people finding the beds, chairs, and futons of ready-to-assemble furniture retailer IKEA so pleasant and comfortable they’ve fallen asleep there. After normal business hours, that might be construed as trespassing. But now IKEA is extending an invitation for their fatigued fans to nod off in a store while surrounded by the pleasant aroma of Swedish meatballs without the police being called.

The IKEA Swede Dreams Sleepover is a contest for IKEA Family rewards members that will allow them to sleep over at IKEA locations in Brooklyn, New York, and Costa Mesa, California, on March 13—a.k.a. World Sleep Day. The company intends to make it an event, with tutorials on how to get a good night’s sleep, a “silent disco,” food, movies, and all-ages games. Other IKEA locations will offer many of the same attractions, but without the overnight stay.

To enjoy this warehouse home away from home, you’ll need to enter the contest here and hope for the best. The drawing will select 20 winners who can each bring a guest. Winners will be contacted February 24.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]