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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Zoo Bunny Balances on Front Legs

You’ve seen the cartoon trope of an animal that displays amazing tricks in order to avoid being eaten. That scenario played out in real life at a zoo in China. The zoo in Liuzhou, Guangxi, purchased five live rabbits from a vendor, intending to feed them to a giant python that requires live food. However, one of the bunnies, at only two months of age, walked around on its two front feet! Zookeepers at first thought the rabbit’s rear legs were damaged, but that’s not the case. The trick proved the rabbit to be more valuable alive than as feed, so it was put on display. The bunny has proved to be a very popular draw among zoo patrons. That’s one smart bunny.

Horse Stuck in Bathtub

It’s not unusual for livestock owners to repurpose an old bathtub as a feeding trough. And so it was for a 30-year-old mare named Phantom in Orangeville, California. Phantom was dancing in her stall when she fell and became wedged in the bathtub. She was stuck there for at least 25 minutes with her feet in the air. The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District was called.

Charles Campbell told KTLA sister station KTXL that when his wife called 911 for help, a confused dispatcher called back minutes later to clarify what had occurred. “She called her back and she said, ‘You’re husband can’t get out of the bathtub?’ And she says, ‘No, it’s my horse,'” Campbell said.

Rescue workers and the family worked together to tip the bathtub on its side and pull Phantom out to freedom. You can see that happen in a short video clip at Facebook.

Bostonian Takes Revenge on Parking Space Thief

An anonymous Boston resident spent hours shoveling snow from a parking space in front of his home. He even shoveled a path to his house from it, and left an old bookshelf in the spot to block. In Boston, if you shovel out a space, no one but the shoveler is supposed to use it for at least 48 hours after snowfall has stopped. In Boston this winter, that’s about how long it takes for another snowfall to begin! Anyway, this guy returned home from work to find someone had taken his space. After giving it a day’s thought, he put all the snow back onto the space -right on the car. The shoveler posted a picture on Craigslist, then deleted it because he feared retribution if he were identified. But he talked to about it. 

Don’t Kill Bedbugs with Fire

Three adults and three children are homeless after their house burned down February 4th in Columbus, Ohio. The homeowner’s son started the blaze when the family was attempting to kill bedbugs on a couch.

“We sprayed the couch earlier but, uh, some alcohol you buy from the drug store which kills them on contact, and he was chasing one down with a lighter and the couch catch fire,” said Fred Horne, fire victim. That caused the couch to go up in flames. They quickly tried to get the couch out of the house, but it got stuck in the doorway and caught the entire home on fire.

The family escaped through the back door. See a news video at WBNS 10TV.

Teacher Changes Her Name to Alphabet

She will finally be known by her chosen first name of ABCDEFG HIJKLMN, with the surname OPQRST UVWXYZ. Ms. OPQRST UVWXYZ had been fighting with the powers-that-be in Bogota, Colombia, to get the name change passed for a year. The Colombian National Registry had rejected the art professor’s request several times, but a supervisor at the National Registry overruled the clerks’ refusals, saying that a name change should be allowed, no matter how unusual. Ms. OPQRST UVWXYZ, who said she feels the need to constantly redefine herself, was formerly named… Ladyzunga Cyborg.

Weather Causes Police to Announce Warrant for Elsa

The city police department in Harlan, Kentucky, announced that they have issued an arrest warrant for Elsa, the Snow Queen from the Disney movie Frozen. The crime? Causing this cold weather.

All points bulletin!!! HPD has issued an arrest warrant for Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song "Let it Go!" As you can see by the weather she is very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her alone.

The southeast Kentucky town had temperatures in the single digits when the Facebook post appeared. However, since then the thermometer readings have plummeted. This morning the temperature in my Kentucky town was 17 degrees below zero.