Recreating Oscar Winners With Stock Footage

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Dissolve
Vimeo / Dissolve / Vimeo / Dissolve

In the second installment of Scenes You've Seen, past Oscar winning films are recreated using stock footage. You wouldn't believe how much crazy stuff there is in stock footage; how long will it be before we get full-length stock-footage-only films? (I mean...good ones?)

My favorite in this montage is Misbehaving Computer Derails Space Mission (Best Special Visual Effects, 1969), starting around 1:56. Brilliant:

Actually, maybe Inadequate Fishing Vessel (Best Film Editing, 1976) is a contender too.

And here's the original Scenes You've Seen, from late 2014:

Scenes You’ve Seen: Blockbuster movies recreated with stock footage from Dissolve on Vimeo.