Incredible Drone Footage of Frozen Niagara Falls


Earlier this week, we posted photos of things that had frozen over, which included Niagara Falls. Now, thanks to drone footage shot by NBC, you can see the frigid falls up close. The water surging beneath the ice formations is quite the spectacle.

According to Snopes, cold weather has kept water from going over the falls only once—and it wasn't because they were frozen solid. On March 30, 1848, the Buffalo Express reported:

The Falls of Niagara can be compared to nothing but a mere mill dam this morning ... Last night at 11 o'clock the factories fed from the waters of this majestic river were in full operation, and at 12 o'clock the water was shut off, the wheel suddenly ceased their revolutions, and everything was hushed into silence. Various are the conjectures as to the cause; the most reasonable of which is that Lake Erie must be making a grand delivery of ice, and ... the mouth of the Niagara, although large, is not quite enough to take in the whole at once, and that the consequences are, back water.

People flocked to see the dry falls, and, according to Wired, traversed the riverbed on foot and horseback. The owner of the Maid in the Mist sightseeing boat even took the opportunity to blast out some rocks that had threatened his vessel. The falls would remain that way until the evening of March 31, when the ice dam broke and water began to flow over the falls once again.

[h/t Thrillist]