Japan Now Has Fruity Eggs

Rebecca OConnell
istock / istock

If you're looking for a fruity protein to enjoy for breakfast, look no further than the yuzutama egg. 

Named after the yuzu citrus fruit, the egg apparently tastes like a sour mandarin orange. The flowery-tasting fruit is very popular in Japan, and often used in desserts. 

"When you chew, there's this invigorating wave of yuzu aroma coupled with a refreshing citrus taste that spreads through your mouth," a writer from RocketNews24 reports. "I've never had an egg like this before."

RocketNews24 recommends a simple dish, tamago-kake gohan, to try the new food out; it's basically raw egg mixed with rice. Apparently, the egg smells fruity before the shell is even cracked. 

This new egg innovation is not the work of genetic modification; the chickens are simply fed a steady diet of yuzu peels, along with kale, corn, and sesame seeds. The fruit strongly affects the taste and smell of the eggs the chicken lays. A farm on the southwest corner of the Japanese island of Shikoku is currently producing the unique food. A six-pack costs about 400 to 500 yen (or roughly $4). 

[h/t: Telegraph.co.uk]