You Can Buy Kurt Cobain's (Very Expired) Credit Card

Paddle8 Auction
Paddle8 Auction / Paddle8 Auction

Today in ephemera you can own for an absurd price: Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain's Visa credit card, available from Paddle8 Auctions. His signature is written on the back in blue pen; next to it, in black, is what appears to a phone number, without a visible area code. The card, which expired 20 years ago this month, is accompanied by a King of Clubs Slot Club credit card holder.

The lot was expected to sell for $7000 to $9000 but, as of writing, the highest of 18 bids stands at $16,600.

If Nirvana isn't really your style, Paddle8 is also auctioning off Frank Sinatra's drivers license.