Game night always starts out with such good intentions, but it all too often ends in either screaming matches or tears (sometimes of rage, sometimes of boredom.) But now, you can keep your dusty old Monopoly board in the basement and try out the Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game for $25 instead.

The Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game includes 160 cringe-worthy family photo cards, along with cards that feature famous movie lines. Each player receives eight cards with different movie quotes, while one player (deemed “The Critic”) chooses a gloriously hideous family photo. The goal is to pick the best caption to match the photo.

Each player submits one card to the Critic, who determines the winner of the round. After the first round, the next player takes on the role of the Critic, so there will always be someone with a different sense of humor picking the best ones. Everything from Grease to The Usual Suspects is represented here, and since you're just matching funny photos with captions, you don't really even need to be a tried-and-true cinephile to win (though a quick wit is a must.)

More volumes of the game are available on Amazon.All Things Equal, Inc./Amazon

Designed for four to eight players, this game is appropriate for both family parties and rowdier affairs. Once you're done with the first one, you can get the second volume of the game on Amazon for $13 and its greatest hits for $21.

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