File This Under Important: You Can Save Up to $45 on TurboTax Software Right Now

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There's no escaping that April 15 tax deadline, but you can soften the blow somewhat by taking up to 39 percent off TurboTax software for PC and Mac devices on Amazon, resulting in a potential savings of up to $45.

There are four tax software programs available through this Amazon sale. The Deluxe (on sale for $40) and Premier (on sale for $55) versions allow you to file five federal tax returns for free and automatically scan more than 350 tax deductions and credits to help you maximize your refund efforts. They also check your work for any errors as you’re filing, which could potentially save you some major headaches down the road.

If you happened to have used TurboTax before, the software automatically imports all of your information, including W-2s, mortgage information, and more, to help you save time. The biggest advantage that comes from getting the Premier over the Deluxe is that it deals with investments such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency, and factors in rental property income (along with potential tax deductions from it).

Those who are their own bosses can also benefit from this sale by saving on TurboTax’s programs. The brand’s Home and Business program is now $65 (marked down from $100) and provides self-employed workers with everything the Premier level does, but with special guidence for freelancers, small business owners, and more. This version also looks for industry-specific deductions and gives you the ability to upload documents on your phone and get personal help from specialists.

Unlike the other three programs (which file both federal and state taxes), the Business-specific software only files federal taxes and is exclusively for PCs. It also doesn’t deal with personal returns like the Home and Business program because it’s for partnerships, trusts, estates, and corporations. Originally $150, it's on sale for $105, meaning you'll net $45 in savings.

Get ready for tax season by heading over to Amazon to utilize this discount on TurboTax software. If you’re looking to learn more about tax terminology, like adjusted gross income, check out this list of tax terminology you should know.

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