Never Lose Your Stuff Again With This Tiny GPS Tracker

The Tile Pro has a 400-foot range.
The Tile Pro has a 400-foot range. / Tile/Amazon
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There’s no worse feeling than not being able to find that one thing you need before you can leave the house. Whether it’s your keys, your phone, or your wallet, these Tile Pro GPS trackers will let you know where all of your valuables are. This is perfect for anyone who’s a little scattered…or anyone who just tends to put their stuff in weird places.

The Tile Pro comes in two-packs ($60) or four-packs ($77), and the whole thing works through an app that pairs your trackers to your phone. First, clip the Tiles to the valuables you want to keep track of, including wallets and keychains. Then, download the app and pair your phone with the trackers. Now, whenever you misplace one of your belongings with a Tile clipped to it, you can hop on the app to make any of the trackers within a 400-foot radius ring loud enough so you can easily find your valuables. If it’s your phone that’s missing, you just double tap the button on a Tile, and, even if your phone is on silent, it will still ring so you can find it.

What’s even more amazing about this tiny tracker is that, if anything goes missing outside of range, it can still be found by recruiting the Tile community to help you search. After sending out an alert, apps running on other devices within the radius will send you location updates so you can track—and eventually find—your missing item (you’ll be the only one to receive these updates, so there’s no risk of other Tile users getting to your item before you do).

The Tile Pro can even sync with Alexa and Google Home. Fitted with a replaceable battery designed to last for a full year, the Tile Pro will ensure that you never lose anything again. It’s the little lifesaver that’s brought GPS technology a long way.

If you're looking for a smaller, versatile option, the Tile Sticker ($44) features an adhesive that makes it easy to stick a tracker to gadgets like cameras and handheld gaming systems.

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