Now You Can Eat Your Dessert in the Dark With Fluorescent Ice Cream

Rebecca OConnell
196 Below Facebook
196 Below Facebook / 196 Below Facebook

A Melbourne ice cream store called 196 Below—known for making ice cream with nitrogen—has outdone themselves and created glow-in-the-dark ice cream. 

The glowing treats come in three flavors: pine-lime, mango-passionfruit, and raspberry. All the flavors were unveiled during White Night, a cultural event held in Melbourne. The product flew off the shelves, but their Facebook promises future chances to buy the rave-like dessert. 

The ice cream gets its glow from a chemical compound called fluorescein, which glows under black light. If you're concerned this glowing snack is harmful, Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration has given the OK. 

“We always try to think outside the box for each event we do,” says co-owner Steve Felice. “For White Night we wanted to play with people’s minds.”