11 Clever Ways Tech Can Make Parenting a Little Easier

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Parenting is a huge responsibility. But with the right know-how, a bit of trial and error, and a little help from some handy gadgets, you can overcome any parenting challenge. Here are 11 ways technology can help you take care of your bundle of joy.

1. Determine Why Your Baby Is Crying

There’s no escaping some sleepless nights with your new baby, but you can at least take the guesswork out of getting him or her to calm down. This baby cry analyzer gauges cry intensity, impact, and interval to determine the cause of your baby’s discomfort. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great first step, especially when you’re too tired to think.

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2. Give Your Baby the Perfect Bath 

This cute little tub hooks up to most sinks and provides a safe and comfortable place to wash your little one. It comes with a color-coded digital thermometer so you can read the temperature at a glance.

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3. Keep Your House Clean 

Children are both messy and time-consuming, so you’re going to need an assistant of sorts to help with the housekeeping. A Roomba vacuum can take care of cleaning the floors while you take care of the kids. The smart little robot makes sure to clean one room before continuing on to other rooms, so your home is sure to be spotless.

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4. Find Kid-Friendly Activities

Whether you’re traveling or trying to find an activity nearby, RedRover is a great app for discovering family friendly events. You can search by date, which makes it a breeze to find things to fill your Saturday or pencil in activities for a few months down the line.

Find it: RedRover.com

5. Make Reading Fun

You can’t lug a whole stack of children’s books around (those hardcovers are heavy!) but with MeeGenius, your little reader can keep all of his or her books in one lightweight place. The app lets you read a plethora of books right on your smartphone or tablet and even comes stocked with complimentary books so you can start reading right away.

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6. Turn Your Child’s Drawing Into a Huggable Reality 

When your tiny artist produces his or her next masterpiece, skip the fridge and turn the creation into something he or she can play with for years. Budsies will transform drawings into plush toys that are made by hand and with quality materials.

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7. Make Your Own Baby Food 

This helpful (and adorable) appliance helps you blend ingredients into fresh baby food. The little machine steams and purees fruits, vegetables, and meat in minutes.

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8. Keep Your Devices Safe 

Before passing your device over to your child, protect it with LifeProof. The company sells a variety of different cases that keep your gadgets safe from any harm your little troublemaker could inflict—even a dunk in the bathtub! Now you don’t have to worry every time your child wants to play a game.

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9. Be Frugal 

Whether you’re buying school supplies or birthday presents, the ShopSavvy app will help you get the best possible deal. Simply scan the barcode and get price comparisons from stores nearby.

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10. Bring Your Hairdresser and Personal Trainer to You 

Watching the kids can be a full-time job, so there might not be enough hours in the day to get to the gym or salon. Luckily, the PRIV app lets you book professionals to come to your home. Now you can watch your children and get your hair styled at the same time.

Find it: GoPRIV.com 

11. Find a Babysitter 

After getting a makeover, you probably want to take advantage of your spruced-up look with a date night. Find the best sitter in your area right away with the helpful app UrbanSitter. You can search by date and time, and book someone with just a few taps on your phone.

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Whether you need help keeping your tot entertained or safe from harm, meet the challenges of parenthood head-on with new innovative technology from Intel. Learn more here.