7 Videos of Snow Melting to Help You Cope With Winter


It might be cold and miserable now, but spring has to come eventually (right?). Live vicariously through these videos of snow being whisked away. It'll become a reality soon, I promise. 

1. Melting snow

Watch in awe as six feet of snow melts before your eyes.

2. Shovel faster

This guy has devised an easy—and a kind of obvious—substitution for shoveling. Speaking as someone who has built a snowman before, I have no idea why I haven't thought of this!

3. Plants emerging

There's nothing more satisfying than watching flora emerge from their icy prisons, as the sun warms the earth. Be free, little plants!

4. Snowfall and cleanup

This video shows both the snow buildup and the eventual clean up. It's only fun to watch because you don't have to help shovel.

5. An entire year of weather

Eirik Solheim has a knack for making year-long timelapses. The video starts with winter, so you know it only gets better as it goes on. Goodbye bitter cold!

6. More melting snow

Last year, Slate's Phil Plait made a teasing video in response to conspiracy theories suggesting the snowstorm in Atlanta wasn't real snow. "Given the huge government-engineered fake snow chemtrail nanobot conspiracy theory, when it snowed here in Boulder I decided to see for myself if the snow was real or not," he writes on his YouTube page. To create the timelapse of snow melting in his backyard, he took one photo every 20 seconds for 4.5 hours. The results are satisfying.

7. Un-Melt

You're probably not in the mood to see snow materialize from the ground, but this short video is pretty cool. It was shot over the course of several weeks by filmmaker Tony Round for a Gizmodo video challenge.