Sure, you could turn to a craft brewery when you want to sample one-of-a-kind beers with unique flavors—or you could learn to make your own. With this $100 starter kit from Brewferm, you can brew and bottle up to 15 liters of premium Belgian beer in your own home.

The kit comes with clear, simple instructions for getting started, and it includes everything you need—save for water, sugar, and reusable bottles (although you can buy those from Brewferm for an additional $70). Brewferm’s starter kit comes with a Belgian saison beer mix—a pale farmhouse ale with a fruity flavor—and they also sell mixes for more exotic beers, like an imperial stout and a Belgian IPA. Each beer mix includes ingredients like hop extract, barley malt, and yeast, and every kit comes with a guide that takes you through the entire process, including how to keep the whole operation sanitary for the best brew possible.

Each type of beer takes about a minimum of two months to fully ferment and mature. It’s a lengthy process, but an impressive hobby—and a crowd-pleaser for any friends you want to entertain. Want to learn more about homebrewing? Check out this list of interesting facts you might not know.

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