Rare Goblin Shark Caught in Australia

Hannah Keyser
Youtube user, AFP news agency
Youtube user, AFP news agency / Youtube user, AFP news agency

Last year we introduced you to the goblin shark—a nightmarish creature with otherworldly jaw action. We told you what scientists know about Mitsukurina owstoni, the goblin shark, but unfortunately, that wasn't too much. The creepy creatures hang out as much as 2952 feet below the surface on the ocean floor and are rarely caught.

But recently, one was. In January, a commercial fisherman caught a goblin shark in the waters off Australia's southeast coast, and he donated the specimen, a juvenile male, to the Australian Museum, where it will hopefully bring new insight into our understanding of the incredible fish. In the video below, Mark McGrouther, the Ichthyology Collection Manager at the Museum, demonstrates some of the more incredible aspects of the goblin shark.