Cleaning Your Microwave Just Got Easier With a Volcano That Erupts Stain-Removing Steam

This steamer uses water and vinegar, so you can clean your microwave without chemicals.
This steamer uses water and vinegar, so you can clean your microwave without chemicals. / GB Quality/Amazon
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Cleaning the microwave won't top anyone's list of favorite household chores (if such a list even exists in the first place). Between those crusty, caked-on stains and the fact that you have to fit your whole arm inside just to reach the back of the thing, you'd be forgiven for putting off this unpleasant deed for a few months. But that fossilized oatmeal isn't going anywhere on its own, so when you've absolutely got to get cleaning, you should at least try to have some fun with it. Next time, put down the scraper and paper towel and head to Amazon ($11) to check out this microwave cleaner in the shape of a volcano instead.

All you need to do is add water and vinegar (a wise cleaning hack) to the base of the volcano and put it in the microwave on high for seven minutes. The volcano will release potent steam from the top that will gradually loosen caked-on stains, so when the timer dings, all you'll need to do is use a sponge to wipe away the residue. Another perk? There are no chemicals needed. When you’re finished, you can throw the volcano in the dishwasher.

If an erupting volcano isn't enough to get you cleaning, maybe this four-pack of steam cleaners shaped like everyone's disappointed and furious mom ($18) will serve as enough inspiration to get to work. Here, the steam comes from her head, putting her boiling rage to good use.

We've all seen that face before...
We've all seen that face before... / Bellagione

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