Get your heavy winter coats ready, Star Wars fans, as coordinates are set for Hoth! Or they would be, if director Scott Derrickson had any say in the matter. reports that the Doctor Strange director took to Twitter on Sunday night to reveal what his hypothetical plans would be for a Star Wars movie if the opportunity ever presented itself. Evidently, those plans would include an R-rated horror flick focused on Hoth, the frozen planet that was prominently featured in The Empire Strikes Back. In a now-deleted tweet, Derrickson said that if he had the chance, he "would make HOTH—an R-rated frozen planet horror film in the vein of The Thing or Lovecraft's [At] The Mountains of Madness, with zero connection to any previous characters or storylines."

While that idea sounds pretty amazing, the director—who recently departed the Doctor Strange sequel—later clarified that the idea was just that, an idea, and nothing more.

Star Wars is widely considered a family-friendly franchise and has yet to produce any R-rated content. Whatever your opinion, Derrickson's idea is just the result of a fun fantasy game, which means it's time to go back to anxiously awaiting Season 2 of The Mandalorian.