Walls Splash Pee Back at Public Urinaters

Alvin Ward
YouTube / YouTube

Hamburg's lively St. Pauli district is home to wild bars and all-night revelers. With drinking and partying comes urination, and, unfortunately for the neighborhood's residents, nature isn't always called in the privacy of a bathroom stall. To combat the scourge of public pee, high-traffic walls in St. Pauli have been sprayed with hydrophobic paint. The result? All that urine hits the wall and comes flying back towards the general area whence it came:

Ostensibly, this was done by a fed-up community group, but it looks to be an advertisement for a hydrophobic paint company who are no strangers to making viral videos. Either way, it's nice to see these public urinaters get a splash of their own medicine.

[h/t Boing Boing]