Four Common Household Mysteries Explained


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Ever wonder why your socks disappear in the laundry, or who keeps messing with the thermostat? Take a look below at four common household mysteries, and some simple solutions that will help you stay on top of your household’s happenings.

1. Who Keeps Messing With The Thermostat?

Why is that your house will go from toasty to frigid in a matter of seconds, even when you set the thermostat before bed? Often, a thermostat’s programmer will turn your heating system off at night, which is a big problem if you live in a cold climate and your home isn’t well insulated. Double-check the settings of your thermostat and adjust the temperature and scheduling to fit your desired preferences so that you don’t have to wake up to a freezing cold home anymore.

2. What’s With This High Electricity Bill?

Was this month’s electricity bill way higher than you anticipated? Perhaps you accidentally left a patio light on for days, or an appliance was running unnecessarily. An automated lighting and appliance control can solve this problem; it’ll monitor your home’s lighting and appliances even when you’re away.

3. Who Ate Your Lunch?

You’re running late for work, so good thing you prepped your lunch to grab and go. However, as you run down the stairs and open the fridge, you notice that your sandwich is gone – again. To catch the culprit, set up a video monitoring system that allows you to watch live or recorded HD video straight from your smartphone. Now you can prove to your roommate that he or she is a sleepwalker with an appetite.

4. Why Is The TV Remote Always Missing?

No matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to remember where we last placed our TV remote. If you live with others, look no further for the answer to this mystery. Perhaps your husband is binging on late night TV and misplacing the remote on his way to the fridge for another cold one. Work with your significant other or roommates and designate a specific spot for your TV remote, such as the coffee table or TV stand. Digging through your couch cushions will be a thing of the past.

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