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Alcoholic Russian Bears May Get Rehab in Romania

Two bears who live in cages outside of a restaurant in Sochi, Russia, have been getting alcoholic drinks from diners for twenty years. Patrons often become inebriated and give beer to the animals. A court ruled in February that the bears were to be seized from the restaurant owners. Now a British organization called the Big Hearts Foundation is trying to arrange for the bears to be moved to a sanctuary in Romania, where they would be treated for alcohol addiction. Such a move involves a lot of logistics planning and even more paperwork. The Russian government supports the move, but is leaving the paperwork up to the Big Hearts Foundation. Only a truly dedicated animal advocate is willing to deal with Russian paperwork.

Invasion of the Bovine Burglars

Pat Costen of Guernsey, UK, emerged from the shower and found that her home had been invaded by two young bulls. The animals, named Five and Six, are supposed to remain outside the home, but they opened the door and made themselves quite at home before Pat knew they were there.

Pat said: “I knew they could open the door but I forgot to lock it. “They came in through the kitchen, along the corridor, round the snooker table and into the study where they scattered a pile of my papers. “Then they made their way back along the corridor and into the small TV room where we found them. “I only describe their route because, as they’d left a large cow pat and walked through it, it was clearly marked by their foot prints.”

Despite having to clean up after them, Costen doesn’t hold a grudge against Five and Six. Costen took several pictures of the destruction.

Marijuana Found in Box Labeled “Not Weed”

An unidentified 21-year-old man was stopped Saturday by Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies in Lincoln, Nebraska, on suspicion of driving under the influence. During a search of the vehicle, deputies found a 16-ounce sour cream container with a lid under the passenger seat. It was labeled “not weed.” The cops opened it and -you guessed it - the container had 11 grams of marijuana inside. The man admitted it was his, and was cited for possession of marijuana.

Man Burned By Fajitas While Praying Can’t Sue Applebees

Hiram Jimenez ordered sizzling fajitas at Applebees in Westampton, New Jersey in 2010. When he leaned over the dish to pray, grease popped onto him, causing burns to his face, neck, and arms. He then sued Applebees for negligence, asserting that the waitress should have warned him the food was hot, despite it being served sizzling in a skillet. A trial judge, and then two judges on appeal, all dismissed the suit, saying that the skillet was an “open and obvious" danger, and that the risk was self-evident.

Canadians: Please Stop Spocking Banknotes

It’s been a tradition of sorts among Star Trek fans in Canada: to draw over the image of Wilfrid Laurier on a $5 bill to make it resemble Mr. Spock. However, since the death of actor Leonard Nimoy last week, the custom has ballooned out of control. While there is no law in Canada against defacing banknotes this way, Canada’s central bank would like people to stop doing it.

Bank spokeswoman Josianne Menard said in an email: "There are important reasons why it should not be done." She went on to explain the bank believed it was "inappropriate" to deface the banknote because it was a "Canadian symbol and source of national pride".

It may be a losing battle, as money artists post their work on social media and spread the idea.

Men Pee on Beehive, Bees React Accordingly

A bus in Quang Ngai province, Vietnam, pulled over on the side of the road to allow the men to relieve themselves. There was a beehive nearby, and one man thought it would be funny to urinate on the beehive. He convinced several other men to do the same, all at the same time. The bees were not happy about it, and swarmed out of the hive to attack the first body parts they came to. They also swarmed onto the bus and attacked other riders. Medics attended to 22 people who had been stung on their faces, hands, and penises. One person was taken to a hospital with swelling and a high fever.