11 Work-From-Home Essentials to Turn Your Living Room Into an Office


There's the idea of working from home, and then there's the reality. While, yes, you can pretty much do everything you need to do in your pajamas with The Crown on in the background, you'll still need some office essentials to get you through the day. Of course, there are the computer accessories and gadgets just to do the basics, and then there are the products that make your home a bit cozier to toil away in from 9 to 5.

Without the everyday comforts of office supplies, copy machines, or even those pesky co-workers who heat up fish in the microwave every day, working remotely can sometimes be a difficult endeavor. But this list of items will help make the transition even easier than washing your hands.

1. Anker Quick Charging Station; $36

An Ankler charger.

Working from home means staying seriously plugged in. After all, you’ve got to keep your computer going, your phone at the ready, and your tablet fired up so you can access everything you need without having to leave the comfort of your chair. Stay connected with this Anker Quick Charging Station. Its five charging ports generate 63 watts of power—more than enough for all of your gadgets—and can charge your devices up to 80 percent in just 35 minutes. Featuring cool blue LED lights that indicate your hub has power, this is the little assistant that will get you through any charging crisis.

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2. SimpleHouesware Mesh Desk Organizer; $25

A desk organizer available on Amazon.

This mesh desk organizer from SimpleHouseware will make your kitchen table feel like an office desk. Made with a stylish and space-saving mesh design, it comes with two side-load letter trays, a tray with a three-compartment drawer, and five dividers so you can store papers, folders, notebooks, and more. And best of all? No tools are needed to assemble it, so building your own mini home office will be a snap.

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3. HP Office Jet Printer; $100

A wireless HP printer.

One of the worst parts about working remotely is not having the tools that you use every day in the office. But this HP Office Jet 3830 All-In-One Wireless Printer will give your work-from-home setup a much-needed boost. Not only does this machine print in both black and white and color, but it can scan, fax, and make photocopies, too. The HP Smart app also allows you to order toner from your smartphone or print from the cloud. It even comes with an optional quiet mode setting, so your printing will never disturb any fellow “colleagues.” (Let's face it, cats make for grumpy co-workers sometimes.)

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4. Amazon Basics Micro-Cut Shredder; $55

A high-security level shredder

The cost of printing, of course, is physical evidence of any sensitive documents that you may not want circulated around your home. That’s why the Amazon Basics High Security Micro-Cut Shredder is a must-have for anyone working from home. Anything that goes into the machine—from papers to credit cards—turns into “confetti-like” pieces on the other side, ensuring that any confidential matters stay that way even outside the office.

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5. Sony Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones; $278

Noise-cancelling Sony headphones

Drown out of the sounds of any pesky roommates or neighbors with these wireless noise-canceling headphones from Sony. These are designed to create a “virtually soundproof” listening experience, and they’re Alexa-enabled for easy connection to music, podcasts, and news updates. They are equipped with touch controls and smart listening technology to adjust ambient sounds based on your activity. And these headphones will last for 30 hours after a single charge, so you'll get through most of the work week without needing to give it more juice.

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6. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp; $40

A light that is an alternative to sunlight.

In the midst of social distancing, it can be hard to get outside. But with this Miroco light therapy lamp, you can receive the benefits of the sun without having to worry about getting within 6 feet of your neighbors. The UV-free light provides the medically recommended 10,000 Lux a day you need for effective light therapy—working to boost your mood and help with your concentration. It has three different light modes, and its built-in timer means you can decide how long you want your “sun exposure” to last. You might not be able to get as much Vitamin D right now as you’d like, but this lamp is the next best thing.

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7. LapGear Home Office Desk; $45

A  portable laptop holder, so you can work anywhere.

While you can certainly work from the comfort of your bed in most cases, a hot laptop takes all that comfort and throws it out the window. Avoid that with this lap desk from LapGear. It fits most laptops and features a convenient slot for your cell phone and an integrated mouse pad. Plus, it’s designed to both ventilate your laptop and keep you feeling cool—something everyone needs during their shift on the couch.

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8. Logitech Wireless Mouse; $22

A Logitech wireless mouse that can last for up to two years with the same batteries.

Give your wrists a break with this wireless Logitech mouse. This mouse comes with a USB receiver, which pairs perfectly with your laptop or computer to make your work-from-home experience a smooth one. It’s designed to conform to both right and left hands (a score for lefties everywhere), and will last for two years on just two AA batteries.

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9. TIJN Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses; $17

Glasses that block out UV light from the computer.

For anyone who’s been staring at a screen more often than usual, these blue-light-blocking glasses are the antidote to any dry eyes. The lenses, tinted a soft yellow to make digital reading less harsh, block 100 percent of UV rays and relieve any eye fatigue. Durable in construction and with many colors to choose from, these glasses will always keep you looking stylish—even if the only person to see you all day is your pizza delivery guy.

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10. Zeetra Mini Desk Humidifier and Diffuser; $22

An essential oil diffuser.

Anyone working from home deserves to breathe easy, and a desk humidifier and diffuser is just the ticket to finding a moment of Zen. Just add a few drops of essential oil, choose one of the seven different light options to create some ambiance, and bingo—you have your own personal oasis. This humidifier will last six hours, so it can go for as long as you do.

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11. Rubix Cube; $9

A Rubik's cube
Winning Moves/Amazon

When working from home gets to be too much, take a break—but still keep your brain sharp—with the original brain teaser. This 3-inch-by-3-inch Rubix Cube, which has 43 quintillion possible moves, will give your eyes the rest they need from staring at a screen all day. Check out some of these Rubix Cube hacks in case you get truly stumped.

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