Here's How You Can Attend the Global Family Reunion Festival

A.J. Jacobs

mental_floss contributor (and your cousin!) A.J. Jacobs is holding a unique worldwide event on June 6. Tickets just went on sale!

All proceeds benefit the fight against Alzheimer’s.

The event is the Global Family Reunion, the biggest, most inclusive, most star-studded family reunion ever. You are invited! All members of the human family are!

The main event is in New York, but there are simultaneous festivals all around the world.

There will be a lineup of fascinating entertainment, including Henry Louis Gates, comedian Nick Kroll, Dr. Oz, Michael Ian Black and mental_floss cover boy Daniel Radcliffe (who will be there live or via video).

There will also be trivia contests, games, music (Sister Sledge singing “We Are Family!”), food, science, storytelling, and historical reenactors.

All proceeds go to fighting Alzheimer’s through the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and the Alzheimer’s Association New York City.

You can get your ticket now. Or else get other rewards, including exclusive online access, your name in A.J.’s next book and the Ultimate Family Tree.