10 Essential Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment You Can Find on Amazon

Andrii Bicher/iStock via Getty Images
Andrii Bicher/iStock via Getty Images / Andrii Bicher/iStock via Getty Images
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Working from home doesn't have to mean putting an end to your exercise routine. There are still plenty of ways to stay active without a pricey gym membership, and you'd be surprised how simple (and cheap) some of the most effective home workout equipment is. Take a look at some of the best home exercise equipment you can find on Amazon right now.

1. Perfect Pushups; $27

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Pushups are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do at home, and you can get even more out of them with the Perfect Pushup handles. By rotating 90° back and forth throughout the move, and eliminating the need to have your wrists bent on the floor, the Perfect Pushup takes stress off your joints and engages more muscle groups, including your core.

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2. Jump Rope; $13

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Jump ropes aren't just meant for the schoolyard—they're also an easy way to get a cardio workout in while also improving your coordination. Just clear out a little living room space or find a place outside to work up a sweat.

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3. Suspension Trainers; $145


By using your own bodyweight to hit the major muscle groups, suspension trainers offer an alternative to dumbbells and barbells that’s easier on the joints and puts more of an emphasis on functionality and form. The design is simple—they’re basically just incredibly sturdy straps that can be set up around any structurally sound anchor point. From there, you use the handles for either your hands or feet for upper- and lower-body workouts. There’s a learning curve here, so don’t hesitate to peruse some YouTube tutorials. Once you get the basics down, you’ll be able to get gym-worthy workouts in under 30 minutes. And since the straps themselves fit inside a compact nylon bag, they can travel with you wherever you go.

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4. Ab Wheel; $14


Ab workouts are rarely anyone’s favorite, especially when you’re doing them at home. But the ab wheel is a ubiquitous piece of equipment at gyms around the world for a reason: It works, and you don’t even have to spend more than $20 for one. As long as you follow the instructions and work on your form (there are plenty of online tutorials), you’ll realize that you can get a solid workout in between video meetings.

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5. Grip Strengthener; $9


Squeezing this handle over and over may not seem like the most worthwhile exercise on the surface, but give it a few minutes and you'll realize why these grip strengtheners have been a go-to piece of workout equipment among athletes and gym-goers for decades. And since they fit right in your pocket, you’ll be able to squeeze in some exercise whether you’re at your desk, in line at the DMV, or just making your way through your Netflix queue.

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6. Yoga Mat; $30

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If you’re looking for the perfect workout to do from home, give yoga a try. It can help reduce stress, relieve pain, and increase productivity, along with numerous other benefits. But, if you’re going to start practicing your downward dog and child’s pose, a good mat is essential, as it can help you keep your balance, protect you from getting injured, and much more.

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7. Medicine Balls; Various

Using a medicine ball during your workout is a great way to engage your core while improving your flexibility and hand-eye coordination. And with a range of different weights available, you can start lighter and work your way up.

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8. EveryMile Wobble Balance Board; $41


Balance boards can help improve your core strength, stability, and coordination. Once you're comfortable balancing yourself, you can try various exercises on the board, like squats, deadlifts, and pushups.

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9. Water Bottle; $15–$22


This bottle is the perfect visual representation of the amount of water you should be aiming to drink every day to keep your body properly hydrated for your new workout routine.

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10. 100 No-Equipment Workouts; $17

New Line Publishing/Amazon

By now, you're probably getting the hint that you don't need to pay monthly gym fees to get a proper workout in, but if you're still not convinced, this book offers another 100 ways to stay fit at home. With these no-equipment workouts, you can learn functional training routines tailored to your goals, whether you're looking to build strength, burn calories, or shore up your core. The moves have step-by-step illustrations to make sure you've got the form down, and the routines are broken up into three difficulty levels depending on your experience.

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