Fans of The Office know that there are iconic moments in essentially every single episode of the beloved workplace comedy. And while we each might have our own personal favorite storylines, scenes, and characters, no one can deny that every scene is remarkable in its own way—whether it's Michael Scott's inappropriate antics, or a strangely heartfelt moment between Dwight and Angela (and everything else in between). Since the show made its debut 15 years ago, some of its writers, producers, and actors have shared stories about plot lines that never came to be. But we've never had a chance to see some of those scenes play out for ourselves ... until now.

YouTube channel Film Focus cut together 10 hilarious scenes that were deleted from The Office for a variety of reasons. The nearly 15-minute video below includes moments such as Stanley getting caught looking at some pretty NSFW hentai, Jim and Pam playing a mind game on Dwight after they find his wallet in the parking lot, and Kevin talking about his alleged sex life (he later admits he has been lying).

The Office ran for nine glorious seasons between 2005 and 2013, and it's safe to say that fans still can't get enough.