By now, the 20-second rule for washing your hands is probably seared into your brain for the rest of your days. But all that scrubbing could be for naught as soon as you touch your phone, which can carry up to 10 times more germs than a toilet in a public restroom. That’s where the double-sided HÄNS Swipe screen cleaner comes in handy: it both disinfects and polishes screens, and you can find it on Amazon for $15.

The HÄNS Swipe gets your screen clean in two simple steps. To start, wipe down your screen with the “cleaning side,” which is pre-soaked in an antimicrobial solution to break down grease, dirt, and microbes that might be hanging out on your device. Then you turn the Swipe over and use the polishing side, a layered antimicrobial sheet that gets rid of any fingerprints and other residue, leaving your screen sparkling. And unlike single-use wipes, the HÄNS is refillable, and you can find the cleaning solution for $10 on Amazon.

Now that you’ve got your screen clean, what about your keyboard? Just like your cell phone, your keyboard is nothing more than a Petri dish teeming with microscopic invaders. But the new HÄNS Ultra-Clean ($15) works to clean up gunk and microbes on your keyboard, headphones, adapters, and even certain screens. Simply dab the reusable antibacterial sheet in the solution and start cleaning.

The new HÄNS Ultra-Clean works on all types of devices. HÄNS

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