The Definitive Back to the Future Documentary is Coming

Chris Higgins
Kickstarter / Back in Time
Kickstarter / Back in Time / Kickstarter / Back in Time

Back to the Future turns 30 this year. Because we're really big fans of the movie, we're excited that a new BTTF documentary is coming out this October. Titled Back in Time, the documentary explores the cultural legacy of the trilogy three decades later, and its planned release date is October 2015—that's the time Marty McFly visits in BTTF II. The future is now.

The film features interviews with pretty much everybody who made the thing, including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis, and tons more. There are also a bunch of super-fans involved (for instance, folks who modify DeLoreans to match the movie version). Check out this Kickstarter trailer:

Back in Time Trailer from Malka Media Group on Vimeo.

The documentary is currently funding on Kickstarter. They ran a previous campaign specifically about the DeLorean time machine, but after getting all these interviews with the core cast and crew, the movie has gotten a whole lot bigger.